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Are you ready to give yourself a competitive advantage?

Cost: What's at stake for you?

Skills Beyond Drills is created in collaboration with coaches, students, and instructor feedback. With a research backing, you will gain:

  • Confidence building

  • A plan for what's next

  • Character traits that coaches want

Coaches, professors, and employers are looking for "good people"

But what does that mean? You work hard - but success is not just about stats and test scores. It's how you show up for life, how you lead, how you work in a team, and how well you listen. Our training is designed to teach time-crunched students how to put your best self out there when it matters most.

How do you work with Team Cura?

You have choices

  • Self-Paced Content at Your Fingertips

    Bite-sized training that results in big wins and a plan for what's next

  • Group Training

    Live virtual workshops designed to meet your organization's goals

  • One-on-One Coaching

    We listen to your goals - giving you the ability to decide your future rather than being told


  • How long should I spend on each lesson?

    We recommend taking four days between each lesson. Experiential learning is designed to try the lesson, put it into practice, and repeat. Almost like your given sport!

  • What is the "Communities" tab designed to do?

    Communities is an area where you can connect with like-minded individuals. This creates a platform where you can share experiences and tips and tricks that you have put into practice.

  • Do I receive a certification upon completion?

    Yes! The certification can be downloaded and proves to coaches, administrators, and employers that you have gone above and beyond to market your abilities.

Featured Instructors


Karen Hughey

As a college instructor teaching Business Communications, Human Relations, and Professional Development, you will learn from the best what it takes to become a marketable student. Karen's passion lies in developing individuals into the best version of themselves. When that lightbulb goes on, and a student gets it, that's when cool things start to happen.


Rob Hughey

Rob is a former high school and college golfer who lived the student-athlete experience. As a lifelong athlete, competing in college athletics is a great conversation starter. Assisting the next generation of students to make their dreams a reality is what gets Rob fired up. You'll recognize Rob during training, and maybe even Hollywood in the not so distant future.